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the insanity spreads like my sisters legs

crazy sirens

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This community is currently open to those who wish to come. crazy or not. If you want to be a mod, you have to aply and it will be rated. there are 4 openings for mods currently.

the rules are simple. if you do not follow them then you will be kicked out.


1: no sanity
2: no posting bad language on somones post that is under 15. IF you do not know their age then ask
3: do not post pics that are not your own.
4: no promoting you community without permission from me. If you want to post one i am sure i will say yes. if you can in fact prove that you run it or that you have permission
5 do not degrade the random crazy worsip manual

those are the rules they are simple. they are easy. please follow them or i will kick you out and you will be forced to be sain 24/7. poor you

There will be random post that have special titles. they will be the worship manual. you can add to them as you like. as long as i aprove of your changes to them. all moderators may add anything they want to the manuals. there are currenly 5 free mod spots. heh so go for it.